Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sick Baby...

Let's just say, since Christmas, things around here have been off and on in terms of health.

Logan's cabinet during a sick spell
Logan had an ear infection pretty much every other week once Christmas came and went. By February I was at the end of my rope and scared of the sudden fevers of 104 degrees. We tried scheduling an appointment for Logan's ears through the pediatrician, but the couldn't see us for 5 weeks. WHAT? So we found another ENT and got right in.

On Feb 29th, Logan had tubes in his ears. While we were there, they found an ear infection. That means he had 8 in 12 months,  5 since Christmas.

On March 9th we went for his 15 month check up and the pediatrician was like "Um, I don't see a tube in the right ear and it's full of fluid!"


Thankfully, when we saw the ENT, the tube was still there and he vacuumed all the fluid from the ear. Whala! Logan is fine!

In all that time, Logan finally started walking pretty much the week of the ear tube surgery and is EVERYWHERE! He talks constant gibberish and should hopefully pick up new words now.

Moral of this story, if I have lacked in blogging or my content has been weak, it's because I am worn out!  Now that he is healthy and happy and back to sleeping well, I am going to dig back in and start blogging again!

Thanks for all the understanding. You guys are awesome.



Joshua said...

I'm really glad things are looking up. Get back into it when you can, but remember that if Logan's on the run now, you're going to be exhausted.

brianandhilary620 said...

Sorry to hear about all your troubles! But how wonderful and exciting you have a happy healthy walker on your hands now :)