Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. Things have been super insane around here.

1. Logan got tubes on Feb 29th and he did amazing. You would never know he had anything done by the demeanor he had all day long, aside from a little extra drowsiness.

2. On March 9 we had his 15 month check up. He is 31" tall and weighs 25 pounds. This puts him around the 75th percentile. OH and the Dr said the tube in his right ear had fallen out and it was full of fluid... so here we go again...

3. Work is stressful. This always happens when home is busy/stressful. So by the time I leave my job and I am a bundle of nerves, I get home to more action. By 7pm, when Logan is in bed, I am a pile of mush and nerves.

4. Oh hey I have lost like 15 pounds and now wear a size 4. This happens when you are always tired and not always hungry. I need to lose 10 more before July but for now I will just try to stay the same.

5. The home busy life seems to always cause me to be a total wreck at work and I start forgetting things, making small mistakes, etc. Then I am extra stressed trying to get back into the groove and let's just keep repeating #3 in an infinite loop.

6. I started selling Sentsy in November and it hasn't been what I hoped it to be. Granted, I put zero effort into it because - well did you just read all that? I am trying to throw a party at the end of the month and hopefully that will kick start me.

With all the above complaints, I will say this - this year marks 10 years with Lee. We have been through highs and lows and I can say I could not have picked a better man to spend my life with. Together we have this wonderful child - challenging as he may be at times - and we have a nice comfortable life. I feel blessed and thankful and try to take the challenges in stride.

But sometimes it's hard.

So I have a glass or three of wine.

I will try to be back next week. Please be patient as I get my groove back. I miss blogging and I miss reading blogs. I appreciate the understanding (and prayers!)



Tiffanie BV said...

I'm sorry things have been so stressful recently. You are not alone... this mommy thing is so hard. Just keep repeating... this too shall pass or just have another glass or two of wine :)

Love you and just sent a little prayer up with your name on it :)

Amber said...

Hang in there. Don't feel guilty for not blogging or it to will become a sorce of stress in your life. Take a break and recharge those batteries! But you will be missed

Em S said...

Good luck! ...sounds like life is pretty crazy, but that's where the wine comes in!!!

Simply Kelly Blog said...

with all that going on you are down to a size 4-- rockstar!!! Congrats on 10 years with your hubby as well. Enjoy a glass of wine and don't stress about the lack of blogging- we'll still be here when things slow down :-)

Joshua said...

I'd like to read this "How Breann Got Her Groove Back." It'll be epic. Sorry about the tubes. I hope everything calms down and gets better.