Thursday, July 26, 2012

If you don't know me by now...

If you really knew me...

-you'd know I am extremely self conscious. i hate all photos of myself.
-you'd know I have eyes only for my husband.
-you'd know how conflicted I am about working vs. staying home.
-you'd know I love my job which causes much of the above confliction
-you'd know I am only really good at the technical part of my job, and not as good at the fru-fru part of my job.
-you'd know I wish I could live back home close to family but I could never give up big city life.
-you'd know I am a super disgusting nail biter. Can't give it up.
-you'd know how much I wish I could stop being a super disgusting nail biter.
-you'd know that I still love my pets even after having a child.
-you'd know that I am serious when I say Logan will be an only child.
-you'd know I have a grody scar on my chest that looks like I had heart surgery but I didn't. I cut it in the lake when I was 7 and promptly got hepatitis.
-you'd know I will never forget how the receptionist at the hospital backed away from me when my mom said "We are here to get her tested for hepatitis."
-you'd know I missed one month of school and still remember waking up to Pee-Wee's playhouse...
-you'd know I have chronic stomach issues
-you'd know I am actually terrified of how bad I would be as a stay at home mom.
-you'd know I am slightly agoraphobic and actually hate entertaining large groups of people at my house. I've had to hide in the bathroom before.
-you'd know that Logan is the light of our lives.

Enough useless information for today?

-Update - I am feeling much better. I was started on Pristique - which SUCKED and I moved back to Zoloft which got me through those post partum days. I am calmer and sleeping better. I am patient with Logan again.

Logan Update - we went to the ENT on Monday and of course his ears and nose were bone dry and there was nothing for the Dr to investigate. Today I noticed clear snot. Please let it just be allergies because I can't handle more sickness! Dr thinks maybe it's the adenoids. He gets this from his Dad...

Sorry for lack of blogging. Lee is traveling and I am so busy at work. I will try harder! Have a great weekend!


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Sarah said...

I pretty much knew all that stuff. :) Except that I think you're fabulous at entertaining!