Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Other than the panic attack, Maui was amazing. This was our first trip away from Logan for more than 2 nights. I was a nervous wreck but once we got there I did a lot better.

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Maui. I should let you know, this was an incentive trip with Lee's company - we didn't exactly have to pay for this...

Ok enough rambling, let's have photos!
Sunrise on the beach

View from our room

Beautiful Rainbow

Our suite!

Can you spot the rainbow?


The walk to the beach

We started walking the cliffs, it was gorgeous!

People were swimming off the cliffs. (no she is not naked)

Blue lagoon indeed...

The edge of the cliff

Volcanic rock

Shopping in Lahaina
The ocean view while shopping
Super cool Banyan Tree. It's all one tree! (check it out on Wiki)
Honu, my new favorite happy place. We had grilled octopus!
Upgraded! First class pod on the way home
Toasted cashews with my wine? Excellent!
Ice cream sundae!

 Sorry for the dark photos at the end. I was trying to make myself a little less high school and didn't want to use the flash to alert the whole cabin that I was a first class newbie!

 We had a wonderful time and rumor has it, next year is Kauai!

Better make some money Lee - once you get upgraded to first class you can't go back!


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handflapper said...

Gorgeous pics! So glad you had a good time, other than the panic attack. Boo on that.