Monday, January 13, 2014

Holiday Recap

I do want to blog more often. It is in my 2014 Goals to "feed a hobby." I will try to be around more this year and do a better job at documenting our life!
The rest of our November was pretty eventful.
My little guy turned 3 on the 30th! We had his party a few weekends before that. We had scheduled it at a local park but the weather didn't cooperate so everyone ended up at our house.
It was a little much but everyone seemed to have a nice time!

 We finally conquered potty training, though we still have some accidents from time to time and he really isn't good at telling us when he needs to poop.
Not fun. Not fun at all.
 On his actual birthday we celebrated by going to see the zoo lights. Here is my favorite blurry shot and it's on my phone as my background too.

December came and went pretty quickly. I am knee deep in a very hectic project that consumes most of my days and dream-filled nights.
Logan really wanted to know all about Christmas this year and Santa. We had Mervin the elf, who helped us convince him to act nicer. On occasion.

 Lee's sister Laura came to town and Logan found a cheetah he liked at Whole Earth. When you have kids, you start this list of things you never thought you'd say...

"LOGAN! Don't ride the cheetah" is high up there.

Christmas day came and Santa brought a soccer goal and ball. He was also gifted a super hero costume so later on in the day I looked outside to this:
 One of my favorite things he got was headphones.

Finally, I don't have to listen to Dora!

He liked helping me open my presents. Especially the colander.

 Before Laura left town, Gail made sure we got a family photo:
 My days require a lot of coffee.....
 But I enjoy weekends where we play on the floor and look at the crabs
 Or play with the "wizerds."

I hope you all had a happy Holiday and more posts will come soon, especially with photos of my wild and crazy project!

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