Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Workin It

I can't really recall a time in my life where I was happy with my body.

2 years ago I did weight watchers and I lost some weight and I was pretty happy about that, but still very uncomfortable in my skin.

Lately, I have been pretty stressed at work and trying to balance home life (and as I wrote this, at 2pm on a Sunday I got a work call. See?) Wine didn't seem to be the healthiest way to deal with my anxiety...

I decided the first step was exercise and "me" time. Though pricey (in comparison to a regular gym), I joined a pilates studio less than a mile from my house.
Go visit the site here - Pure Body Studio
This is exactly what I needed. It's fun, it's different every single time I go in, and the classes are MAX 16, though that has only happened once so far.

Through Houston Mom's Blog, I entered to win a Passport with PeerFit and won! I never win anything!

I had already tried the ROW place with Tiffanie, and it kicked my butt. I grabbed my friend Lauren, who is also my right hand at work, and we hit Big Yoga as our first free class.

If you know me, I mean really know me, you will know I HATE being hot. Winter time is my comfort time because while everyone else is bitching and wearing fuzzy boots and hats, I am walking around in leggings and a sweater like HOLLA!!

When I walked in and the room was 90 degrees, I looked at Lauren like - great. I knew it was hot yoga but nothing prepared me for the wall of b-o-scented heat that would hit me when I walked in the room.

In the end, I enjoyed it, but was very hot for a few hours. My face stayed the color of a tomato for at least 3 hours!!

The next try is Pure Barre this coming Sunday. I am excited about this one because I can never attend the barre classes at Pure Body because they don't fall in a time slot I can hit. I have my sticky socks and am ready to go!

The next step in my journey here is to work on my eating. I eat like a boy. Cheeseburgers. Hot wings. Pasta Pasta Pasta.

I am considering My Fit Foods or Snap Kitchen for my work lunches, maybe a juice cleanse here and there, to get things kicked off. Lee and I are also about to join the YMCA so we can work out on weekends and Logan can run off some steam with other kids.

Lee and I also just joined Weight Watchers, so we can keep each other accountable and motivate one another.

I don't consider this a new years resolution, seeing that I started in November.

What are you doing to like your body and de-stress?

Also, I realize this post is directly after a post related to very unhealthy food. I see the irony, don't worry!

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Miss MP said...

Good luck with getting healthier. Lord knows I struggle with my weight and exercise all the time. I feel like it gets harder as you get older.