Friday, February 7, 2014

Crazy Days

Work is kicking my ass right now. I think the lightbulb finally went off today on WHY.

LAST January, our Sr. Designer quit. I was basically insta-promoted and took on her accounts along with my own since all accounts were a little slow. This also meant I was now *gulp* managing people.

Fast forward a year. ALL those accounts got crazy busy at the same time, because my luck sucks. So now I have to manage people (*gulp* again) while also managing multiple accounts that are all very busy. I also spent the majority of May thru last week on the biggest project of my career, while still managing all the other things.

Today I realized... all the problems I have been running into (mistakes on projects mainly) aren't because I am doing poorly at my job.

I am doing poorly at managing.

Managing time or your own workload is one thing. Managing time, your work load, 2 other peoples workload, and - oh yeah - home life - is a whole new ballgame.

So, almost like my boss has ESP, she calls me today and says "I am signing you up for Managing Training."

So maybe things will get better from here.

Next week I hope to share the finalized photos of the large, fancy, beautiful, exhausting project I worked on for over 6 months.

Tonight, I will chill. We will watch opening games:

while drinking wine and trying to relax off this crazy, hard week.

I'll try to at least manage that.

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