Thursday, February 13, 2014

Healthy Meals

Weight Watchers kills me.

I'm hungry, y'all.

I like to eat. I generally eat like a man.

Now I get 26 points a day and I am rather depressed. A glass of wine is 5.

Lee and I are in this together, at least Monday-Saturday, so I am scouring Cooking Light and other healthy sites for recipes. This week I was most excited to try this one:

I am changed it up a bit with a jar of my favorite Vodka Sauce and it was yummy! - Though - I will admit, good ole thick marinara is best...

The rest of the week gets a little interesting. I have Pilates on Tues/Thurs so we are eating quick meals like salads or I put a chicken in the oven right before I leave and it is ready when I get home to serve it.

Lunch is the real challenge. I tend to go out for lunch every day, either with my group or with vendors as a treat. I am going to have to look for the "guilt free" areas on the menu. How boring is that....

I am just glad I started now, a good 4-5 months before it's hot enough for a swim suit again. I am frustrated and trying not to cheat. I am thinking of trying smoothies for lunch a few times a week and maybe even Snap Kitchens juice cleanse to try and get some weight loss started. I can tell a HUGE difference in how my body is reacting to a diet from when I did this a few years ago. I have hit the age where weight clings to you and dropping it is near impossible.

Wish me luck because the lack of wine is not putting me in a very good mood at all!


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Donald said...

That recipe was tasty!!