Thursday, February 20, 2014

Big Boy Room

The time has come. The time to retire the baby bed and upgrade to a new one.

I am waiting a few more weeks for my cousin to take the crib/toddler bed before we put the new bed in the room. This is hard because I am one of those people that once I am ready to do something I want to do it NOW!

I didn't really want to pick a "theme" because I already did that a little with his nursery. That being said, I saw a really sweet pillow at Pottery Barn Kids that I loved the colors on, so I got that and went from there.

Logan loves tools, and it was on sale, so I decided to start here.
I got a pillow case from this line but went looking around for solid sheets and comforters that interchanged with the colors on this pillow. I still have to think about window coverings and I am considering simple roman shades because drapes seem bulky. His room is already 3 full walls of shelving!!

Speaking of, once we put the twin bed in the room, I won't even have room for a dresser. I ordered 12 multi-colored bins to put on some of this shelving to house his clothes and I am actually looking forward to this. There is so much shelving in this room that I have no idea what to do with it all. At least this will get a few shelves taken care of!

The only thing I am thinking hard about is whether or not to get a safety rail to put on either side of the bed. I am so scared he is going to fall out. Thoughts?

In about a month we will be done with the transformation in his room! I just need to get the rug and the shades and get it all put together. Pictures will follow!


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