Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic Style

Lee and I are always obsessed about the Olympics. We sit around all evening and weekends and watch the games, no matter what is on.

Same goes for the opening ceremony. Though I spent the first half up and down off the couch trying to get Logan to stay in bed and ignoring the demands he yelled under his door, I really really really enjoyed the ceremony.

I may even have an inkling to go to the ballet now.

The part I always look the most forward to is the Parade of Nations.

This year - I was underwhelmed. I mean - nothing really impressed me!

Let's start with the best and work our way down...

I thought France had the most classic, preppy look:

Then Bermuda kept tradition strong, although I am sure they had cold knees.

In the middle I have USA. I am on the fence on these sweaters. With a little work, they may be re-used for the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, or given to various elementary school teachers to add to their seasonal sweater collection:

Also - are those sweatpants?

Next to last - Germany:

I think it's the pants that pushed me over the edge. The white ones you can see on others work better than the granny flower red ones.

Most tacky I feel goes to Russia:

Furry fringe? No.

Finally - Wow - Lithuania:

Just say no to chartreuse. Always.

One question that bothered me the whole time - what is up with the ice queen looking chick walking them in?

Did you enjoy the ceremony?

all images i found on Yahoo.

1 comment:

Donald said...

1. What is the blue and white fairy Sochi lady leading each group??

2. Kinda liked the France look. Hate the USA sweaters.

3. If you want to hit the ballet, we're going to Swan Lake - come join us! :D