Friday, July 17, 2015


The thing about blogging that gets me is about how in the moment it is. You share about what you are thinking, feeling, hating, loving, etc RIGHT THEN.

I feel I need to apologize for the debbie-downer posts of late but I won't because it's what I was going through at the moment and I needed to get it out.

So let's focus on some good, shall we?

1 - Ellie (in the belly as she is referred to at my office) is A - OK! All is well. She just has to grow for the next 10 weeks. I'm concerned about how much MORE uncomfortable I will be as she gets bigger. She has had a foot in my rib cage ALL DAY today - just moving it around all willy nilly with no real care about how I feel about it.

2 - Logan is amazing. We go through ups and downs with him, but that is normal for all parents and I have to actively remind myself of that. Just because he has some special behavioral/emotional issues that we address doesn't mean that when he gets mad at me when it's time to turn off the ipad and get in the bath tub that it isn't normal kid stuff. Some aspects of it aren't but that is what I address and then I get his dirty boy booty in the tub and move on.

He changed rooms in his school this week. Partially because it was time because of his age vs. the age of the kids in the room. Mostly because his teacher was not following through with the tools/advice that both myself and the school director had given for addressing issues she was having with him. I was appalled at her lack of cooperation and the director made the move swiftly upon my call up there to talk over what I was seeing and hearing. I am grateful that she was so accommodating. I wasn't asking for anything special and out of line.

3 - Lee and I are as happy as can be. He's the best husband I could have ever asked for. He lets me cry and be unreasonable and is loving and patient. I'm sure I'm pretty much Shrek most of the time. Angry, sweaty, super fun to deal with...

There you have it. An update with happy stuff and not just complaints about life being difficult.


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