Monday, September 14, 2015

Loving it...

This marks week three of staying home.

I love it.

My house is clean.

I have candles going.

The groceries are taken care of.

I am cooking all the time and I am not stressed about what time dinner is on the table.

I'm not stressed much at all actually.

Today I had my coffee at the table with Logan while the doors to the back were open to let the 68 degree weather in the house. After I got him all dropped off at school I headed to Target.

One thing on my list there was a bottle. Though my goal is to nurse Ellie, I know that with Logan it went terribly and I want to be prepared in case it goes south this time as well. However, Logan and I went nuts with bottles. Some made him spit up. Some had too many parts (*ahem* Dr Brown *ahem*) I received a free Avent bottle in the mail after putting my name on some list at the maternity store. This happens to be the bottle we stuck with for Logan.

I didn't want to have just one bottle in the house, but I also am not going out and purchasing a ton. I wanted to get one of the new Munchkin bottles because they look really interesting in regards to nursing and air flow.

$80 later  (oops) I left Target and headed to Highland Village shopping center. I needed to get a few items to decorate Ellie's room as well as a new Toaster and some bread mixes at Williams Sonoma.

The rest of my day is cleaning up the house, making one of those breads, and picking Logan up from school.

I am cherishing this time before Ellie comes to recharge myself and get mentally ready for new baby. Her room is done and it's pretty much perfect.

Sorry, the lighting is odd..

Complete with loyal schnauzer 

Logan's stool for "helping"
I have a few new items to put on the shelves above the changing area. Otherwise the drawers are full of clothes. The diapers and wipes are organized in the cart, and the diaper bag has some odds and ends ready for our first outing.

I better get that car seat installed... two weeks left!


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