Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week Two

I am in the middle of Week Two as a Stay At Home Mom.

My house is pretty darn clean.
ALL the laundry is done.
All the errands are run.

Now what?

I'm trying to follow orders on laying on the sofa and drinking water. I need something fascinating or really entertaining to watch on TV/Netflix/Hulu/Amazon. I tried re-watching True-Blood. Gave up in episode 2.
How did I make it through all 7 seasons last time?
I made it through a few seasons of Desperate Housewives. Again, just ok.

I realize that once Ellie is here I am not going to be so bored, BUT I will still need something to watch on tv during the day...

This weekend we stayed pretty low key. The heat is causing me to get pretty dizzy off and on. I even missed out on pool time Sunday and Monday because I was feeling yucky. Logan and Lee had a blast though. I am loving watching them have fun together. I know Logan will lean on Lee a lot after the baby comes.

I am starting my freezer meals this week. Instead of spending a whole day on my feet cooking I am choosing two meals this week and next that I can cook double of. I also plan to make a pan of plain meatballs that can easily be added to noodles and sauce or used other ways in a pinch.

This week I have made these Enchiladas - and they are DIVINE.

Creamy Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas

Tomorrow I plan cooking up one of my favorite stuffed shells recipe and freezing a 8x8 pan of them.

Three Cheese Stuffed Shells

I have some tamales already frozen and I am focusing on keeping sides in the pantry (rice, beans, etc) and that way Lee just needs to pick up fresh veggies as needed to add salads on the side.

Last time we didn't have a chance to have any food in the freezer before Logan came and it was tough around dinner to come up with something easy. My hope is that Lee just has to turn on the oven and pop something in.

Otherwise my first shipment of Honest Diapers arrived today. I unpacked a few into the diaper cart I am using, put some in the diaper bag, and stashed the rest. I looked around and I really feel like for the amount of diapers and wipes (plus a throw in of travel wipes!) it is a great deal. I looked at Pampers on Amazon (with subscribe and save) and the diapers alone were as much as the bundle from Honest and that didn't include any wipes. We will see how Ellie does in them. I do have a small package of pampers newborn as back up.

I can't believe that in 3 weeks we will have a baby girl and be a family of four...


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