Saturday, January 24, 2009

What to do?

Nothing! Nada! Zip, Zilch...
That is what we HAVE to do today. We are going to go to the Galleria and get our watches fixed (lee's clasp, my battery). I have gone 2 months without a watch! That just means I am lazy.

We will probably grab a bite to eat. Lee said he wants wings. My first thought = bridesmaid dress less than 3 months... My second thought = heck yeah! I can eat wings like a man. Put down 20 to 30 if they are yummy.

In Houston, wings are not what they are/were in college. You have Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3's). These are fancy-eat-with-a-fork wings. They have some sauce on them, but not near what you get at your favorite bar in Nacogdoches. They also have like 20 flavors. What?
Then there is Wing Street. Also known as - Pizza Hut wings. 'Nuff said.
But then... and only if you are lucky enough to find one... there is Wings-N-Things. These are just like you get back in college. Not battered up and fried. Just plain wings DRENCHED in sauce. Do you get BBQ or Garlic or Asian? NO WAY! You get hot. plain Hot. Lots of ranch. lots of napkins, and lots of water.
Most people don't think twice about wings. They go to Hooters and eat their not-hot-at-all wings, and you absolutely have to get the battered ones because the "naked" (aka-Real) wings don't hold any flavor.
We have Wings-N-Things right by our house. And some Football Sundays Lee and I will look at eachother and say "Wings?" Then the drool starts and nothing will make you happy until you get some wings.
Granted, after my eating competition, my stomach is really really angry and it takes me a day to recover, but sometimes - you just have to live a little bit!
So my story about nothing to do this weekend turned into - "Breann's Ode to Wings."
Maybe my next venture should be to make the best home-made wings. Hmmmm....


Brodrick Family said...

how were your wings????

Breann said...

GREAT! I have pictures I need to post tonight!