Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years -- Bust

Most New Years, we just have people to the house and drink and be in our PJ's. I have to say, the last 2 years in a row have been pretty sorry New Years Eve's.
Last year: we went to Flying Saucer Downtown, and while I was fun being with people, it was expensive and we left before midnight.
This year: Don, Donald, Jimmy, Ben, and us hung out at our house. We started by serving dinner (steaks, orzo), and then moved on to board games. I was in a bad mood when the night started, then Lee got in a bad mood because there was a sudden influx of dogs when people came over (we had 5 dogs at once). Then Don was grumpy as we played the games. Kyla came over as we were playing Munchkin. Then ChiChi (Jimmy's dog) pooped on the house and Lee got mad b/c he stepped in it. Jimmy got mad and left.
Then Ben came over after all this and we played Scene It. Don was in a better mood and Ben tried his best to lift the mood overall. We stayed up until after 1 (Lee and Ben stayed up until after 4!).
I got up at 10 and made breakfast/brunch. Then Donald, Don, and I played another version of Munchkin for about 3 hours! They left to get cleaned up. The house was very quiet after that!
The saddest part was taking down my Christmas stuff! Then I took a shower and got ready for everyone to come back over for dinner!
Everyone was in a much better mood and got along great.
I hate that we all were so tense with eachother at the party but I guess that happens sometimes.
Tonight Lee and I are turning off our phones, locking the doors, and hiding in our house to be alone for the first real time since Wednesday!
I hope everyone else had a better NYE!
Happy 2009!

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