Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Being a Mother

I have blogged a few times recently about how Being a Mother has changed me, how the momma bear in me comes out to play more often than not, and how much I simply adore my little bug.

Mother's day this year was like night and day from last year. I now have this walking, talking (gibberish and like 10 words) little dude man who wants nothing more than to play with the water hose.

Some days it's hard - like when I pick him up, we sit in traffic for 30 minutes, get home and have only about 20 minutes of play time before we start the dinner/bath/bed routine. I basically get one hour an evening with him and he's in bed. Sucks.

Crazy Sleepin Dude
I miss him most evenings, especially when I look at the monitor and see this:
With buddy bear as his pillow...
 What I live for is the weekends, no matter how exhausting they are. Aunt Kelly came over recently and did a little arts and crafts with Logan on a day I had strep throat (yes, AGAIN) and Lee wasn't feeling so hot either.
What's this stuff?


Paci for keeping paint out of the mouth...

Logan used himself as a canvas

He is super into Curious George, too - and was a sweet boy and sat still for a long time while I was sick and watched some of the movie:
On weekends that Dada and I are feeling good, the Zoo is a constant stop for us and he just LOVES it. We stopped at the dinosaur exhibit (twice) and he was just staring and staring.
I can't get this photo to turn, no matter how hard I try!
Life is great. We are busy, tired, happy, and joyful.

And Thankful.



Missy said...

He is so precious! Fingers crossed we will be back in TX soon and Park cannot wait to come to Htown and hang otu with Logan!!!

Holly said...

Aww I love the painting photos! So cute! :)