Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear Ear Tubes...

I sat down this morning and paid the Dr bill that had racked up since end of December. All these visits for Logan with ear infections:

12/29 (this is because the previous Dr didn't think he had one YET. So we were back in 2 days when he DID have one. Awesome you schmuck. Not to mention I had just gotten over strep and the pukes)

= $466.44

And that doesn't include the emergency trip while in Palestine at the end of January ($90+)

The tubes were put in on 2/29 (leap day!) and as you can see - we have only been back once. This means to me we have gone the ENTIRE MONTH OF APRIL without going to the DR! Does this mean we can potentially only go on his check ups unless he is super sick? This excites me to no end.

I also think finding the right allergy med helped a lot. We tried Singulair but it didn't do anything for him and it was a pain in the ass to give him - it was a powder I had to mix in applesauce.
Now he is on Claritin and I am trying Zyrtec since he has started to have goopy eyes this last week. (no, it's not pink eye)

Thank you Ear Tubes for keeping us out of the Dr office and putting money back into momma's purse fund!


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