Monday, April 30, 2012

Mothers Day

Don't panic, you didn't miss it, I am just thinking ahead here...

Last year, Mother's day was rough for me. I had a 6 Month old who still didn't sleep much and I was still battling PPD pretty heavily.

Us, last mother's day
I wasn't as prepared as I thought I would be for becoming a mother. I mean I had all the stuff you need, I am old enough, we are stable enough financially.
But I wasn't ready for the emotional change. I wasn't ready for the total change of how I spent my time. I wasn't ready to get up at 6am for the rest of my life (or until he is, what, 14?)

It probably took me the entire first year to get past most of the issues I had. Now, at nearly 17 months old, I feel most days like "I got this!" There are still days where I have little melt downs because I am so tired or frustrated. Most days are awesome.

Then there are mornings where he accidentally whacks me in the face with my keys and I cry in the kitchen while Lee stands there not really knowing what to do...

Being a mother has changed me in major ways, and most of them I like. I am a lot more straightforward, I have to make decisions faster, and I have learned to let the little stuff go.

How has motherhood changed you?



Em S said...

It's amazing how these little creatures change you! I wasn't fully prepared...I didn't go through depression, more so, I think I went through shock and didn't really feel comfortable until the boy was almost a with two, things are "easier" this time around, but still managing two kids leaves you with little time and energy by the end of the day!

Susannah said...

Your honesty is so refreshing! I don't have any kids yet but I do worry about PPD and everything else that goes along with having a newborn! I'm a worrier and have dealt with depression in the past but It is nice to know there are others who have worked through it and know its okay. Bookmarking this for "someday"

Jessi said...

I am so with you! It took me a good 6-9 months for "mommy" feelings to kick in Hoping this mother's day is a bit more fun. At least I know he'll be giving me kisses this year and saying Mama. Hope you are getting more sleep and little guy is loving on you too!