Monday, April 23, 2012

Wee bit obsessed...

Logan owns 2 pairs of shoes.

1 pair of Stride Rite - his every day shoes
1 pair of his fab red Polo shoes - his out and about shoes on the weekends

That's it.

Partially because we don't want to buy several pairs of shoes he will wear only a few times.

Partially because - dude - baby shoes are 'spensive.

Lately, however, I am starting to be a little obsessed about his shoes. I want him to have all these super cute shoes. Here are some examples.


Now I want to hit the stores and get all these cute shoes!

And you know what? They are all about the same price. So when you don't have kids and you see people with kids wearing name brands and you think they are insane...
They aren't. Stride Rite, Pediped, Nike, Puma, Polo, etc... all the same price pretty much.

So why not let your kid be stylin?



brianandhilary620 said...

We just have one pair! We had another pair but he's worn them just once (a fancy pair that was a gift).

Our shoes are also from StrideRite. We went looking for sandals with covered toes this weekend for daycare this summer and tried some on with him. He's very attached to his own, he didn't like any, haha!

Holly said...

I love the tiny little TOMS! Way too cute! :O