Tuesday, April 24, 2012

THE Bag...

During the week when I drop off Logan, all I have to take with me is his lunch box. He has a cubby with change of clothes, his blanket and bear, etc. When he moves to the 18 month room (in 6 weeks. What?!) he will be on the school meal plan and then I just take his spunky self and that's it!

On the weekends, it's a different story. We are up at 6:30 and usually out the door around 8:30/9am. Logan man doesn't want to play in the house. He wants to be social. Although it makes things a little hectic, we find it's worth it because he is in a better mood when we are out and about (and takes a longer nap, I will admit...)

So when we walk out the door, I make sure I have a near-expertly packed bag ready to go at all times. Here is what's in it:

I got the idea for the backpack from Tiffanie and it's the best thing since sliced bread. Even when I buy a purse, I don't like something with a million compartments. I like a bucket. This is pretty much what this is.
In the very very front pocket (with the reflector) I usually stash my phone. In the other front pocket are the smaller things:

Tampon (because I have needed one and didn't have one and that sucked bad)
Panty liner (never know)
Tylenol and Thermometer (I am uber paranoid ever since that trip we took and I didn't have one and he was burning up)
Paci and paci clip (mainly for the car)

Then in the bucket part of the bag is everything else. I know you are thinking "wow that's a lot of snacks/food." Yeah. Logan is an eating machine and I never know if we will be somewhere for lunch where he doesn't want the food, so I prepare to pretty much feed him. Sometimes I even take blueberries and cheese in a little bowl if I know we are going somewhere he doesn't really like the food.
Also - if you give the kid one Mish Mash, you better give him another or it's melt down city.

I love the little cowboy diaper holder - it's 3 diapers, a pack of wipes, and some cream. I can just grab this and run in the restroom with him without lugging the whole bag.

Otherwise I never leave without:

Table toppers
Bug spray
Sun screen
Hand sanitizer foam and wipes
Boogie Wipes (needed a little less these days)
Change of clothes

I feel pretty confident when we leave the house that I can tackle any minor issue.

What's missing?



He doesn't play with those. He wants the straw or the spoon or something else on the table. Toys get thrown on the floor. Maybe when he is a little older we can move to crayons or something (but those go in the mouth right now) so I don't bother with the weight and hassle of it. Normally he is so happy looking around the room at the hustle and bustle that he doesn't really need a toy.

Plus Lee and I have become experts at shoveling our food in and we can be in and out of most places in 30 minutes. We give him snacks and other little stuff (and lately what's on our plates) and he is pretty happy the whole time. By the time he is bored, we are leaving anyway.

Don't worry - now that we have it down, he will change.

What do you have in your bag that you never leave without?



Anonymous said...

You sound like me: Be Prepared for War, and be glad when it doesn't happen.

Em S said...

I generally forget the bag, and I really need to get better at not doing that!

Holly said...

Wow! You look super organised! I am seriously impressed! :)