Sunday, April 8, 2012


I hope everyone had a great Easter! We went to the service at Discovery Green.

Where 80 degrees felt like 100.

What are we going to do in August? Melt?
Dude got compliments on the bow tie!

Best photo I have of the full outfit

Holding his basket

Easter eggs!!

Momma is sweatin her butt off in this photo

Don't worry Aunt Kelly, it's just a love bite!
In the afternoon we went to Grandma's for dinner, which I will write about tomorrow.



Sarah said...

Holy cutest bowtie in the world. Love that it's clipped to his chest.

Patty said...

I bet he'd wear that bow tie every day if he got to eat chocoalte non-stop!
I love the picture with the big smile and him crouching with the Easter egg.

Amber said...

The shoes turned out super cute. Little Mac Daddy!

Diane Haynes said...

Sarah, Patty, Amber, I agree !
What a sweetie pie he is!! Breann you look marvelous ( can't see the sweat!)