Friday, April 6, 2012

The Zoo

Logan needs constant entertainment and we are at a loss on how to do this at home. We discovered how cheap season tickets to the zoo are and we are very glad we joined.

The trick is to get there right at 9am when they open.
Except on a holiday, like today, because then EVERYONE is there at 9am.
Regardless, this is a wonderful way to wear out spend time with Logan man!

This time we tried the wagon
Don't look so excited kid...
The wagon worked out much better than the stroller. He loved it (i swear)

We stopped off at the Elephants first
Then the meerkats
I would be the one in the sun with my belly in the air. Class act.
Logan really liked being pulled in the wagon and I bet it kept him cooler. I know it's only beginning of April but it's already in the 80's here man!
We meandered on along to the African Safari exhibit and I admired this animal and it's funny looking pants
Are we in Jersey Shore?
We passed by the chimps, who apparently frikken LOVE lettuce

nom nom nom nom nom
At this point there was no one else around us so we let dude loose for some walkin time

Faster mom!
 (I am very sorry for the whiteness of my legs. Hopefully the bright shorts are more distracting)
 We saw giraffe's
and then Logan started to fade
All in all, it's a basically free way to spend 2 hours, then have lunch and when you get home he is ready for his nap.

But when he wakes up, then what do we do?

That's another story...



Missy said...

Looks like a great day! Logan is so cute and I love the color of your shorts. Need.

Joy Taylor said...

I love it! So sweet. Now I wanna go to the zoo...

Joy Taylor said...

I love it! So sweet. Now I wanna go to the zoo...

Donald said...

I'm with Joy - would rather be at the zoo today too!

Photos are too cute, and well-done!