Friday, December 14, 2012

Where I Grew Up

The other day, after a loooong drive home from work thanks to an accident on the highway, I had a wonderful surprise in my mailbox from my grandparents.

A cookbook from the Jr. Service League in Palestine, my home town.

Tears sprang to my eyes and I was so excited to see so many contributors that I went to school with.

The neatest thing was that each tab had a photo taken in a historical place around town with the history behind it:

The Texas Theatre
This image really brought back memories. When I was 16, my cousin Billy and I volunteered at the Theatre to run the spot lights. To this day I think back on the production of My Fair Lady and think of us singing along quietly up in the balcony.
The exterior, back in the day.
Then there was this:
A picnic outside the railroad tracks (kinda scary actually?). Palestine runs the Polar Express and a Mystery Murder on the Texas State Railroad every year.
There were many a field trip on this train.

Since Palestine is the 2nd oldest town in Texas (after Nacogdoches), there are many historic homes. Like the A.B. Hodges Home:

It's quite something in person, I won't lie.

Aside from all the history, the FOOD looks amazing.

I went to school with Kelley, who also delivered my nephew on New Years Day last year!
If all that old timy history bored you, just know that the famed Running Back Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings is also from Palestine. He even gets his own day and a parade.

Most of the debris from the Columbia Shuttle also landed around the area as well.

Do you have any nostalgic feelings about your home town?



Sarah said...

You forgot to tell us how to pronounce it. Palest-EEN, the little teeny baby country town. Not to be confused with Palest-INE, the Holy Land. PS. That is a beautiful cookbook!

Billy Tatum said...