Monday, December 31, 2012

So this was Christmas

I'm late, I know. It's been a heck of a week with daycare being closed and I having to find people to watch Logan so I could go to work.

Here is our Christmas in photos:

Naked after bath time

Playtime in the living room

A not - so - bad visit to Santa

Popcorn with Dada

My outfit for the family christmas party

My new motto...

Logan was glued to the pinball machine

Lots of guacamole was consumed

We weren't a fan of Christmas Eve service

But a Paci and Aunt Kelly helped that

Our first time to play Santa!

He loved his nap mat!

Digging in the stocking...


Time to color

And play Legos while watching Buzz & Woody.

Aunt Kelly brought a new tricycle

And they all played on the swing set

Momma got a new skillet and shoes!

Thanks for the Rocking Horse aunt Laura!

Mommy enjoyed her new mug and it's sweater..

And to all a good Christmas....


1 comment:

Pineapples and Pickles said...

A mug sweater? Yes, please! And I really like your Christmas party outfit.