Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Logan turned 2 on Nov 30th and on the 1st we had his party:

My attempt at a "Yellow Hat" table

Goodie Bags

Chocolate sheet cake - tradition in our family

Shamefully, the best photo of Logan all day. Things were hectic.
 That next Monday Logan had his check up - he is 36" tall (ALREADY) and weighs in at 31 pounds. No shots but did have to get his finger pricked:

 We acquired an Elf:
He still has no name... But he is normally drunk anyway.

Logan has some awesome new kicks:
He loves Mariachis:
And Doggie Doors:
And climbing trees:

Lee and I attended a brunch and had a great time.
My best friend in this world - Donald (Uncle Hop Hop)
 I met a sweet guy name Joseph - who mistook Donald as my husband and later told me about it and said he was thinking "Oh that poor girl doesn't know her husband is gay!!"

My contribution to the party was this Heath Bar Cake:
Recipe Here

I went shopping with the work peeps and this happened:
Ryan and Christi @ West Elm
and on Sunday I made a stop in at a building I work in to observe and direct a carpet install:
The new carpet is on top - I had to pick a pattern. Settled on this.
 I lost my voice for a few days last week and otherwise felt overwhelmed with chores and other goings ons and didn't get to blog - my apologies. I will try better this week!


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Sarah said...

Ohhhh 1. How did the Heath cake turn out? 2. Your brunch outfit makes me SUPER JEALOUS because it's so cute. 3. That carpet pattern on top of the other pattern makes me feel like I'm taking crazy pills. That is all.