Friday, November 30, 2012

And then he was 2....

He is giving us a run for our money right now with the Toddler Bed conversion. So far the best approach has been to shut the door and put the toddler-proof handle on it. That gave him the picture that we were not kidding around. Tonight is the 3rd night of doing that - the first 2 he wailed and fell asleep on the floor. Right this minute he is in his bed after my 3rd trip in to put him in the bed (we go in 15 min spurts). But last night (at 4am) it took an hour and he ended up in his bed on his own - so that seems hopeful.
I know it's just a phase.

Logan is funny, smart, a giver of kisses and hugs, and a chatter box. Endless energy and surprises.
For his birthday we got him a big playset in the back yard. This is his face when he saw it:

Dada helped him up the rock wall.

Time to slide!


Hangin' Tough

Watch this momma!
This happy occasion almost made me forget about the lack of sleep.

His party is on Saturday and I will do my best to post on Monday about it!

Happy weekend! Wish us luck on the sleep front.