Monday, November 26, 2012

Long yet Thankful Holiday

After spending 5 entire days at home with Logan, I could make the comment joke that dropping him off at daycare today was quite easy. That kid gave us a run for our money - but I will get to that in a moment.

Logan and Dada hanging out
 Wednesday morning, first day of vacation - we hear a noise in Logan's room at 7am. I figured it was playing with the toddler rail we have kept behind his crib forever. A few minutes later his door opens and he comes walking down the hall like "HI!!!"

The boy had jumped the crib!

So while Lee hung out with him I converted the crib to a Toddler Bed. 

Whala. Complete with tears from me.
Nap time was the first test. Things were not good. He acted SCARED. The minute we would leave the room he would scream and come beat on the door!! Lee rocked him a while and I ended up sitting on the floor stroking his face until he went to sleep.

That night we were hosting Donald and his parents for dinner - and thankfully they have grandkids because this was the biggest nightmare ever.

We tried putting him back in bed, rocking him, stroking his face, ANYTHING and he wouldn't sleep. We even put the crib rail back on at 9pm and he crawled out in 3.2 seconds. I decided to rock him again and he passed out in 5 minutes and slept all night. (with blankets on the floor for padding)

Thanksgiving day we were a little tired but we made it over to the inlaws at 10am.
It was a very exciting day with the Texans game!

My boy and I have Team Spirit!
 The food was great and there was an endless supply of wine

 That night, I was too exhausted after more fighting to get him in bed that this is the only decorating I did for Christmas.

Source: Scentsy
 The next day, after a bit of a long night getting him back to bed, we tried to find creative ways to entertain him...
That's right, no pants!
 We played in his room on his new rug:

 Eventually we left the house for a hair cut and baby proofing supplies. Then back home so I could start a Turkey as I wanted to have my own little thanksgiving dinner...

Brined that baby for 2 days!
 While that roasted we watched a little Buzz...

 Due to my exhaustion, this is the only photo I have of my awesome Turkey:
Christi and Jimmy witnessed the 45 minute escapade of getting this child to stay in bed.

The next morning (after a 45 minute fight in the middle of the night) we drank a little milk and watched a friggin butt load of cartoons because everyone was worn slap out.

 But we still managed to smile:

My sweet family.
 That night I gave in and rocked him to sleep at 7pm. I didn't have any fight in me. I was rewarded with a 3am-5am fight for bedtime where he did this for almost 45 minutes:

Instagram caption: Go.The.Eff.To.Sleep
 The next morning a friend called and gave us this strategy:

Do your normal bedtime routine, then get him in bed and leave the room.
The first time he gets up go silently put him back in bed.
The second time, wait 15 minutes before responding. Then silently put him back in bed.
Then wait 30 minutes, so on and so forth - so they get the picture that getting up isn't going to get your attention.

At 8:30 (a little over an hour of the above method) we were rewarded with this:

Asleep. On the floor....
I put him in his bed and he stayed there until 6am.

I know this because I pretty much woke up every hour and looked at the monitor. This is certainly going to take getting used to.



Cece said...

My sister had some major issues getting my nephew to sleep in his own bed and a bit of a transition when the crib siding came down. Exhausting! Hopefully your new method will work. Hope you enjoyed your Turkey!

Miss MP said...

If nothing else, you entertained your twitter followers over the weekend with updates. Hope it gets better!