Wednesday, November 14, 2012


When you become a parent, there are so many milestones you look forward to...

First steps.
First tooth.
First words.
Sleeping through the night...

For the last few months - there is a particular milestone I have almost been on edge waiting for...

The first curse word.

Sunday, I am changing what has to be the 100th poopie diaper of the day - when I realize the container is out of wipes.


So, in known fashion for me, I blurt out "Oh shit."

The minute I said it I had this tickle up the back of my neck...

Logan stops whatever crazy wriggle maneuver and looks at me and says "Oh shish."

I did my best not to react. I mean he didn't actually say shit but he sure did try.

Meanwhile, Lee is in the living room shouting expletives at the TV during a football game. So all that is going on and Logan decides to repeat ME? Great.

I guess it's time to start saying weird things like "Fiddlesticks" and "shazam!"

That's fekking annoying.



Emily S said...

Oh, you will forgot and start swearing again. Every time I commute with my kids I end up saying something, then I tell my son, no, that's not what mommy said, mommy said happy sunshine lollipop, and so far that is working.

Miss MP said...

That is too funny. My favorite around kids is son of a biscuit and frick.

Sarah said...

I won't lie. I wish I had been there for this momentous occasion.

Joshua said...

I yelled at another driver yesterday. My five-year-old repeated me. "Yeah! What what you're f*$^&*% doing!"

Dad of the Year, right here.