Monday, November 12, 2012

Slight Obsession

As the days are counting down toward my pulling out all the christmas decor - something is looming over me...

I don't like our stockings.

Petty? I know. But I can't help myself.

Right now we have these:

 There isn't anything wrong with them... I am just not that into them anymore.
(Sorry stockings, it's not you - it's me...)

These caught my eye:
Via Red Envelope
I am afraid I won't like them in a few years but I am loving the sock look A LOT.

These are really cute too:
Via Pottery Barn Kids
My style in all seasons is simple. I don't like frufru. I like clean and easy. I'm afraid to go after the burlap deal because in a few years that may be silly.

I realize this is a ridiculous thing to obsess over, but I guess I know that in a year or so Logan will totally understand christmas and recognize the stockings and I want that to be something we all can enjoy.

Any ideas on where to look?



Missy said...

I was kinda over ours too. We have the red ones from pottery barn, similar to the ones you have now. Instead of changing them all up I just ordered P the train one.

Miss. MP said...

I like the red and white one. If I could sew or was crafty, I'd say make your own, but lets be honest-- who has time! I'd check out Home Goods, Crate & Barrell or World Market, you might get lucky. Target usually has really cute stuff as well. It's so hard not to decorate yet!

averyswifeliz said...

I don't like our stockings either and that's because they don't match. Plus since we have yet to live in a house with a mantle, I have to command strip them to the wall somewhere.

Breann said...

I am leaning towards the red and white ones and keeping Lee and I's (they are each a solid quilted one). Missy has a good idea to make Logan's a little different too since he is a kiddo.
So many options!