Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Out of control

I carry a big bag. It serves me well on work appointments (need tile samples? great!) and on weekends when I can shove snacks and sippies and go.

But the other day I realized how out of control my purse had become...

 I decided it was time to take it ALL out and see what exactly was in there:

The stack of books? That is because my boss brought me some old books her daughter doesn't read anymore. 
The baggie of stuff? That's for a "favorite things party" I am going to on Thursday with Tiffanie.
So those things were slightly out of the ordinary.
But... why do I have 3 sets of car keys?
Saline nose spray?

I have a new bag on it's way that my mother in law ordered me for my birthday that is.. actually bigger than this one but will have a few extra compartments.

Great - more places to lose stuff.

Is your purse out of control too?



Miss. MP said...

That is a lot of stuff :-P. The bigger the bag, the better the mama. btw- I started blogging again (no longer simply kelly, but now Miss. MP hope you stop by.

Breann said...

Of course!! Thanks for following!

Emily S said...

I use to have a bag like that, but I downsized. I couldn't handle the disorganization without compartments, but if I find a big bag with compartments...I'm totally there.

Joshua said...

Any time we go out with the kids, The Wife wants to carry everything in her purse. I'm like, "Give me a backpack. I can carry so much more!"