Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking Forward

First of all, Happy New Year folks!

Over the last several months, maybe even year, I have brought up the subject with Lee about Church. We don't go hardly ever and just got to where it wasn't even a thought on Sunday morning.

I have this....feeling... that I need something else in my life. That I need positive reinforcement. Someone to tell me that no matter how terrible things seem - it will wall be ok.

Ever since the Sandy Hook tragedy, I have been mopey and distant. The shootings really shook me to my core and once again left me looking for somewhere to turn.

About a week after the shootings, after dinner while we were watching TV, Lee turned to me and said "I want us to start going to Sunday School and taking Logan to the church daycare."

Me - what? *Shocked*

Lee - I think it is something you need. You have been very sad lately and I think you need the community at church and Logan needs to be around kind people like our friends and their kids.

So I contacted Tiffanie and asked her if we could crash their class. She was pretty excited since this is something I honestly talked with her privately about a few months ago over wine and pizza at her house. I feel that she has a strong faith but she is also isn't one of those people who smacks you in the face with it. I can learn from her while still drinking a glass of wine and watching our boys play.

Lee and I were both brought up in the Methodist Church, in youth groups and choirs, and we want the same for Logan.

I hope to feel a little sense of relief and comfort after a few weeks of going back and being a part of the community. I already know several people in the class.

I don't know that we will always go on to the service, because with Logan that's a bit of a time issue (he eats around 11:30am) - but hopefully starting out at Sunday School will get us back into the mix.

I'm looking forward to the year ahead with a sense of faith and comfort and happiness as we watch Logan grow and learn.



Pineapples and Pickles said...

I love this post and I love you!

Looking forward to Sunday brunches/breakfasts/lunch with you three!

Dr. Pace preaches at the 8:45 contemporary service also. That's the one we usually hit up then Sunday school afterwards and then home by 11 if we aren't eating out somewhere afterwards. The 8:45 service is VERY kid friendly so that is always an option, and Logan and Preston's classroom is literally right outside the service.

Elizabeth Conaway said...

So excited about this! We hit up the 8:45 too bc we are up anyway and Ellen loves the music. The great thing about our class is that we are all the same people whether we are hanging out drinking wine (which we do a lot) or in Sunday school. Lee was one of my Young Life buddies and I am so excited for y'all to join us!!!