Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hot vs. Hotter

Lately, Lee and I have been obsessed with Sons of Anarchy. We discovered it over the holidays on Netflix (all but this most recent season) and we are one episode away from being through season 4.

It is a great show, has hard to watch moments, but very entertaining. Kind of like Sopranos meets Hells Angels.

A few times while watching it, though, I realize that they are aiming at my age group to think the main young guy, Jax Teller, is hot.

Yeah I don't think so. I mean he isn't bad looking but his eyes are kind of close together...
Also, he looks eerily similar to my cousin, Bryant - and that means I just cannot sit here and look at him that way.

If you want to find a hot bad boy - look no further than Mr. Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)
Even if he does use the word "Bitch" as a noun, verb, and adjective.

Do you have a bad boy crush?



Emily S said...

I love Jesse so much more than Jax! Jax is hot, but not like Jesse!

Miss MP said...

no you didn't girl! :-P. You can have Jesse, I'm keeping Jax.

Billy Tatum said...

Anyone want Bryant's number??? LMAO

Laura said...

Hmmm see I find the first guy much more appealing and I don't find it odd that he looks like Bryant well because I dated him for a short while. Keep the bad boys coming!!