Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Frustrations and Realizations

Everyone knows I am not a morning person. So what does a morning person do when they are faced with coming in to work and dealing with someone who gets on their nerves to the last degree? She comes in here and it is like a bull in a china closet, rustling paper and banging up against things... and I don't know where she finds them, but every single damn day she is wearing a totally different jingly bracelet. This bracelet jingles and bangs on the desk everytime she moves. Me being a not-morning person at all, this noise makes me ready to lose my mind every single day. This happens to be the same person that really shouldn't be working here and I know has only about 1 chance left and she is gone. That is another story.

Another thing on my last nerve today is commercials on the radio for action movies. I do wonder how a commercial on the radio is going to excite me about an action movie when I can't see the action happening. They try to pull action like clips and play the sounds but it doesn't work. The one i am referring to now it the new Mummy movie. Sure, I may see this one on DVD since they are mildy entertaining, but playing a clip "I really hate mummies!" and then "CRASH BOOM!" doesn't do anything for me at all. Even Batman, which was wonderful, sounded retarded on the radio. "I'm Batman" CRASH BOOM!

I am not a bad person. I am just in a bad mood because I don't enjoy all this noise!

Now on a happy note, i enjoy the hell out of Whataburger commercials. They use this old southern dude and as he describes hamburgers that have ingredients that simply don't go together, i find myself wanting one because his old man southern voice is soothing and makes the burger sound great! Today he was talking about "skeedaddling" to get one. Well hell, how can I resist when you say the word "Skeedaddle?"

Ok, i think I will turn on my beloved Radio Margaritaville and tune out the noise violations coming from my left.

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