Friday, July 11, 2008


I listen to Radio Margaritaville at work alllll day. It plays a mix of Buffett and other islandy stuff. Right this minute they are playing my all time favorite - Little Miss Magic. My dad used to sing this to me when I was little, and we danced to it at my wedding. I miss my dad, we don't see each other much and with his work I don't get to call him becuase I never know where he is or if I will wake him up... I also like that this song came out in 1981, the year after I was born...
If you look to the right of my blog, this song is #6 in my playlist. Check it out, grab a tissue.

Little Miss Magic - Jimmy Buffett

She's constantly amazed by the blades of
the fan on the ceiling
And the funny little faces she makes
can't help but be appealing
She loves to ride through the town with the top down
Feel the warm breeze on her gentle skin
She is my next of kin

I see a little more of me everyday
I catch a little more moustache turning grey
Your mother is the only other woman for me
Little Miss Magic what you gonna be?

Sometimes I catch her dreaming and wonder
where that little mind meanders
Is she down along the shore or
strolling cross the broad Savannah's
I know in time she'll learn to make up her own mind
In time she's gonna learn to fly
Oh that I won't deny


It's raining it's pouring
Your old man is snoring

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