Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's about time...

So finally, after 2 bouts of a 24+ hour migraines this MONTH (in the last 2 weeks actually) I called and found a dr. I had to pay an insane amount of money but the dr was patient, kind, and knowledgeable. I went in at 9am this morning and was feeling ok, just tired (with headache and lee being gone so long... not sleeping much). He put me on a beta blocker and gave me samples of 5 different meds to try when I DO get a headache. I took one this afternoon and I am feeling pretty good now. My neck aches because it has been tense for 2 days, but I don't have a headache. I do think the hurricane rain we are getting is part of the reason I couldn't shake this one. I woke up Tuesday/Wednesday at 3:30am and my head felt like it was 150 pounds. So i got up in the scary dark house all alone and took a Maxalt. Then I took 2 excedrine at 10am and 2 more at 5pm. Still hurt. Took another Maxalt at 9:30pm. So for around 24 hours, I had been in pain, UGH!
Lee is on a plane right now and i am PRAYING he catches his connecting flight. I am checking both online to see if he lands. He is set to land right when the other is set to leave, so I hope that somehow either the second plane is delayed or that this one makes time up in the air and he lands and gets off. I am sure he has told the stewardesses that he is connecting. Maybe they will hold the plane? Do they do that since it is thier fault he is late, and not his? I am sure we will find out in the next 2 minutes!!
Other than headaches, all is well. I am so ready for Lee to come home. I am just a pathetic being without him!

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