Monday, July 14, 2008

Today is the day....

Starting today I am on Weight Watchers. I was looking online and found a pretty funny blog (that is now ended) called Weight Watchers for Food Snobs. Well that is totally me! I also am totally in love with Chipotle. I typed in for their nutritional facts and found this.

So i have my burrito bowl down to 10 points... still not great though!
I did the calculator and I get 18 points per day. Today so far I had 3/4 of a Kashi Bar for 3 points and coffee, let's say for 1 points (lots of cream... can't help it!). Then at lunch I had a bowl of 0-point Progresso soup, and then a pita sandwich with ham, laughing cow cheese, lettuce, and dijonaise. 3 points! I am totally full too. That means that today I have only had 7 of my 18 points! Tonight i am making a stir fry and left over Mocha Chocolate Cake (which is why I will need ALL 11 points!!) I made them last night in ramekins and there are 3 left so Lee, Donald, and I will finish them off..

Menu for this week:

Monday: Devilish Sesame Chicken and scallion rice (Rachael Ray recipe from her magazine this month)
Tuesday: Crock-pot chicken and veggies (basic basic basic)
Wednesday: Fajita steak salad (hungry girl recipe!)
Thursday: Chicken Cordon Bleu and side salad (from a low colesteral / low fat book)
Friday: Chicken Enchilada cassarole and side salad (a recipe from Sara!)

I get 35 "flex" points a week, which means I will use these for those Saturday night dinners and Friday nights (sometimes we go out). I am making my favorite breakfast on Saturday (maybe sunday too?) from La Peep which is english muffin, egg whites, turkey, low fat cheese, and salsa for "Healthy Eggs Benedict." I also got apples and watermelon so we can snack on fruit. ALSO I got a bunch of 100 calorie puddings and I like to add a spoonful of cool whip light on top to make it creamy. This has turned out to be a great dessert when you are dieting. You get the chocolate fix and don't feel so bad about it!

My goal at then end of all this craziness is to lose 10-15 pounds. According to the horrible charts, I should be around 110. CRAZY! So I am being more moderate and saying 120 would be awesome, and 125 will be great. So... today I am: 138.

Wish me luck!

(btw.. no news to repeat from the weekend, other than the fact I am addicted to a teenage vampire book series.. I will be the only 28 year old at the movie in December!)

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