Thursday, July 10, 2008

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For the 4th of July Weekend, we went to Palestine. While I was there, I walked through a residential/commercial building that my grandmother's friend ownes, called The Redlands. It is a very historic building, dating back to 1914, and used to be a hotel. Now it is apartments above and commercial property below. Here is an article on the building. The Redlands
Now, my goal was to pick some colors for her. Each floor is a tad different. The 2nd floor has a grand lobby, with a stain glass skylight. The next 2 floors are basic corridors and are downright scary! Everything, everywhere, is painted white as chalk. Very dreary. The very top floor is a penthouse that is being renovated. All i am helping with is lobby/corridor colors. Here are a few pictures of the 2nd floor lobby:
Now, this floor is just painted concrete. I suggested either stripping it and staining it, or getting some commercial grade carpet. She is worried that some of the lower-grade tenant will tear it up, and showed me drag marks from someone dragging a sofa through. I wonder, if she had a nice carpet down, if people may think twice about that... There is also a rubber flooring she could use. As for paint, I am suggesting a medium toned green-teal. Downstairs is honeycomb tile and has dots of a teal. I wish I could post pictures of paint!! I think all the trim around all the doors should be dark brown, to mimick all the woodwork and elevator doors. It also helps separate the doors from the trim.
In the upstair corridors, I am suggesting a basic light beige. Nothing fancy. But again, dark brown trim. Something to rich up the hall and make it less scary. She had a GREAT idea about trying to find some carpet that looks like hotel carpet, really plush.
Aside from apartments, she wants to have some for extended-stay. She wants the place to be inviting when people step out of the elevator.
I hope I do a good job! I am sending paint samples tomorrow, i may look back through them before I do...

I was laying on the couch the other day and i looked up and saw this:
Can you believe that??? Goodness!

Lat night, our friends Jennifer and Dave came over with Tashi! Tashi is a 12 week old Tibetian Terrier. They had a great time playing with him!
After dinner, everyone found a toy and laid down. Jennifer thanked me later for getting Tashi all worn out!You can see Lola and Teddy's puppy phase was hard on the trim of the carpet!!

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