Monday, December 1, 2008


I was thinking today about how our lives get so automatic. Like when you drive to work and you honestly forget when you got on the highway, you are just there. Kinda scary!
I have so many habits every single morning. After I am all done in the bathroom (shower, hair, makeup) my real habits start. Undies, perfume, clothes, chapstick, find phone, find watch, shoes, coffee, purse, gone.

Get in the car. Phone out of purse, into lap. Radio to 104.1 to listen to my show (yay the dj is engaged!!), lotion in hand. Pull to stop light and put on lotion.

But this morning... i forgot one step. Chapstick. And I was already in the car driving. So I started digging in my purse in a frenzy trying to find something that would do. Lipstick? UGH (and where did it come from? probably a gift-with-purchase)!
Softlips? No i am sorry. Soft Lips does not even begin to match up to Cherry Chapstik.
I keep digging and find the Kiel's chapstick. It's ok. Still doesn't stand up to what is on my dresser.
So I get to work and the Burt's Bee's Pomegrante chapstick is by my keyboard and I put that on. Still not happy and then that flavor gets all into my oatmeal and yogurt! Gosh!
How can one little thing like chapstick mess up your whole morning?
And it never fails when I have 9 things in my hand that it is the day our office manager isn't there. So then I am digging for keys, picking up the packages outside the door, and juggling my way inside.

All in all - i had a good day. I registered for the scary test. I found a few great people to write letters of reference. I toured a job site.

And when I got home. I put on my chapstick.
The circle has been restored.

Now I am wondering how to not cook dinner because Lee won't be home. I want something healthy for dinner but I don't want to do anything to get it. I don't want to leave the house. I don't want to cook. I don't see many options for healthy delivery.
Oh well. My tree sure made me smile when I turned it on.

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Brodrick Family said...

Yay for christmas trees that can always make us smile!