Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday party pre-cook-off

Tonight was our test run on a few different dishes - Beef satay and Chipotle Pork
Oh goodness - these were insanely great!! This will be picture intensive:
Very handsome grill-master! (And Teddy too)
The beef satay on the grill...
Oops! it went so fast I didn't get a good picture! (peanut sauce is smeared on the cutting board as well)
Homemade corn tortillas - really fun and easy!
Ben in his "action" shot - cooking the tortillasThe finished tortillas and pork - YUM!Our new cork vase - we filled the other. I wonder if we can fill this one before the end of 2009?

My champagne glassREALLY yummy champagne. Made the whole evening even more grand!

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