Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stress Induced Cleaning Pays Off

I am not only planning a party for this weekend, a pretty nice one at that, but I am very very busy at work.
Today I left at 4:30 and brought work with me so I could run to Coscto for party supplies. I did really well and walked out there at $150, which is hard to do! I got some serving platters, cups for the soup, plates, flatware, baggies baggies and more baggies, tupperware, 1 bottle of wine (it was $8, i couldn't help it!) and steak for the satay. I may have bought too much but my thinking was - what we don't cut up I can freeze for later, right?
I get home at 5:45 and go out in the garage and start breaking down a million box's that have gathered. Beer, gift, water, misc box's. I got that tidy'd up for big trash day on Friday. Then i started unpacking and organizing my costco stuff. Then i tore the stickers off 15 wine glasses and put then in the dishwasher on the fast cycle. Washed a few pans that were in the sink, changed clothes, picked up the living room, started laundry. I looked - it was 6:20! I must have looked like a whirling dervish!!
Now I am eating dinner and working on my coffee table while watching tv.
I am starting to feel a little less stressed....


Brodrick Family said...

Our christmas party was this last weekend and we had so much fun!!! Hope yours goes good!

The Riddle Family said...

Oh my gosh! Good luck with everything! I am sure your party will be so much fun!!!