Monday, November 21, 2011

My thanksgiving menu

I am so excited about Thanksgiving this year. I am super Thankful for Logan (of course) and I wanted to celebrate by hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year.


Last year, I was super pregnant and only about a week and 1/2 from a scheduled induction so I didn't do anything but show up and eat. So this year I wanted to take on more of the cooking.

We are having our meal at 6pm, which may be odd since some eat at 1 or so. I want so badly for Logan to eat with us so I scheduled it at a time when he will be hungry and happy.

Here is what I am in charge of:

Turkey - which I am brining.
From Williams Sonoma
I have read up on Pioneer Woman on how to ensure your brined turkey isn't a salt lick.

Then while it is roasting I will baste it with this glaze:

from Williams Sonoma

Just in case the drippings are still super salty and I need some help, I grabbed a jar (or 2) of turkey gravy base:
from - yes - Williams Sonoma
Oh wait, we need something other than Turkey?

I am also making:
Steamed green beans
Mashed Potatoes (made with my secret recipe)
Apple Crisp (from Barefoot Contessa, but it's much like this one from PW)

From Others:
Sweet Potatoes
Fruit Salad

Broccoli Cheese casserole


My game plan is to get up and make the potatoes right away and then I can just put them in the oven to heat up before we eat. Otherwise I just need to rise the rolls and prep the crisp while the turkey roasts all day.

And watch the parade.
And drink cider.
And eat pumpkin bread.

Super excited Logan will get to eat Thanksgiving with us at the table like a big boy.
And then 4 days later turn 1.



Missy said...

I love Thanksgiving and have hosted it 4 times!! I love to be in the kitchen and all the smells! This year its just the three of us, but I am still cooking!

For the past few years I have used Kidd Kraddics Brown Bag Turkey recipe and it is TO DIE!
My Aunt and cousin who have only used a family turkey recipe for years are now doing the brown juicy and delish!

Joshua said...

Thankfully, our house isn't hosting. But I'll still be making mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and bread. Apparently I'm in charge of the carbs. WOOHOO!!

Donald said...

Did you go shopping at Williams Sonoma? ;)

Charlotte said...

Your menu is making me extremely hungry. Seems like it'll be a lot of cooking (and I tend to stress even though I'm only making a casserole and stuffing) so best of luck to you!

Candace said...

Looks SOO delicious! I cannot wait for Thanksgiving for the same reason. My little guy was 4 months last here, and this year he LOVES food. It will be so fun! Have a happy Thanksgiving with your sweet boy!

Holly said...

Heheh I'm glad you remembered the wine! :P