Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fatty Fat Fat Fat

These days I feel like a fatty fat fat heffer.

So instead of wining about it, it's time to do something about it.

When I got pregnant with Logan, I was 140 pounds. I wasn't really that happy about it but it was what it was.

When I delivered him I was 163 pounds.

Then, on maternity leave, I lost 30 pounds and I was so proud of myself for getting below my pre-pregnancy weight and for getting closer to where I should be.

Then I started going out to eat for lunch every day at work.

I stopped going for a walk everyday with Logan at the park.

I started drinking a good amount of wine.

Hello - now I weigh about 145 pounds.


At 5'-1", I should weigh more like 110 120 pounds.

So my goal is to try and lose 20 pounds in the next few months. I realize it's holiday season. But I can look at those 2 big foodie days as cheat days.

When my dress didn't zip for Ben and Katie's wedding, I cried. I put on a small Maternity Dress
(um, this one actually)
16 weeks

and got online in the car on the way there and joined Weight Watchers.

Exercise seems near impossible but I am going to make myself put Logan in the stroller and go for a walk 2 days in the week and both days on the weekends, weather permitting. A 30 minute walk has to be better than no walk at all, right?

When I see photos like this, I like to blame my favorite thing in the world - PMS:
When I look at this photo, I don't see the candle or the scarf... I see the tummy bulging over my pants because I wasn't thinking about sucking it in. You know what? It may have been PMS, but that's not 100% the issue...

Pregnancy did a number on my midsection. Again, instead of an excuse, I am going to do something about it.

Even if that means all my flex points each week go towards wine...



Jennifer Kay said...

What I see is the awesome view from your office! I'm on the bandwagon right now too...counting calories and walking during my lunch hour and I'm down 15 pounds since September 26th BUT I'm 235 pounds so of course it's coming off faster than it would for somebody your size.

Good luck!

Missy said...

I think you look great! I think I may sign up for Weight Watchers too. Share your recipes!!

Kasondra said...

You're going to do awesome! If you're interested, I have a program that guarantees a sixpack in 90 days...or they're giving money back. No pressure! It's just perfect for your goal!

Diane Haynes said...


I think all women feel you on this one. We all want to change ourselves, never satisfied.

I want to lose 20 lbs. Then try to KEEP it off.

brianandhilary620 said...

Aww you took the words right out of my mouth! I feel the same way. But I haven't weighed 120 since high school. I am going for a mere 10 pounds (oops I went out to lunch today... ugh)

Breann said...

Well I appreciate all you guys' support! It's just time to get serious about it instead of saying I will "cut back."
Hopefully by being accountable to you guys on here and by paying that monthly service, I will do good!
Missy - I will! Maybe it will help me revive STYR a little.