Wednesday, October 17, 2012


As far as birthdays go, this one is one of the best EVER!

My mom came into town Friday night and Donald and I took her for Sushi. The place we went was very friendly with Logan - even gave him a balloon! - so that for me makes me want to go back for sure.

Saturday my Mom graciously watched Logan while Lee and I went car shopping. We pretty much knew what we wanted so we drove a Honda Pilot - and went ahead and purchased it!
So - it looks as though I got a car for my birthday, but it was really a coincidence of timing ;)

After the car buying, Lee drove me somewhere as a surprise and we wound up at the jewelry store buying my second wedding band - that I have wanted for years!
The one on top is the new one
Talk about a rockin bday present!

Sunday - my actual birthday - we went to Brennan's for fancy brunch!

Birthday Cappuccino

Impeccable decor

Donald and our friend David

Alyse and her husband David

Ben and Katie

Christi, Alyse and I

My handsome hubby!

Fish cakes with a poached egg. SO. GOOD.

Singing Happy Birthday (Donald is ducking out of sight)

Bananas Foster tableside

Pralines as you leave!
Wonderful wonderful day and I spent the rest of it shopping with my mom and hanging around the house.



Holly said...

Happy belated birthday! Your wedding set is beautiful! :)

CeCe said...

I'm rockin' the two wedding band look too. Very pretty!!