Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Goodbye: Google Reader

Recently, I decided to leave Google Reader.

We had good times, we had bad times, but mainly Google Reader did a bad thing to me:

Made me lazy.

How easy is it to scroll through blogs while drinking coffee at 8:35am at my desk? Super.
But I stopped commenting. It took more effort to click out of reader and onto the site and then comment.

I have gone back to my old ways and bookmarked my favorite blogs. And when I did that and counted - I was down to 15.


well - some have changed thier niche and it's just not my thing.
Some have stopped blogging (A'hem- Jessica! Donald!)

Now I am down to my 15 favorites and I am going to start carefully choosing a few new blogs to add to my list.

I hope, if you are even reading this, that you start to see my comments on your site and welcome me back.

Lazy is no longer an option.



Emily S said...

I never did use google reader for that very reason. I know I appreciate all the comments I get, so I try to return the favor!

Amber said...

I feel ya! I started using blog lovin because it is easy to read on my iPad

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Oh, I am the worst about commenting lately! Or not commenting, rather. You're inspiring me...

Breann said...

Thanks for the comments! I hope my new resolve earns me more comments in the future!

Joshua said...

I've been out of commission the last few days. Sorry it's taken me a bit to get back over here.

I like my Reader because it keeps me organized with the 300 blogs I follow. Including this one. ;o)

Kiki said...

Google reader made me feel stressed out, so I never really used it, but I DO like the way I can scroll on my blogger home page and see posts from people I follow. I am starting to use Bloglovin because it's so nice and pretty! I think I may fully convert to it. I still comment and see whole blogs with bloglovin, so it keeps me from falling into that same trap of non-commenting.