Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Funny story

So I am in the process of saving all my LiveJournal entries into a word document. I never post to it anymore and I am afraid I will lose it and there are so many entries... it basically documents my life since 2003... 

I found this one, which you may had to have been there to appreciate it, but it makes me laugh so hard!

Well, we said we were going to have a bonfire...

Aug. 16th, 2003 | 06:33 pm
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Today started out very lazy and relaxing. Woke up, went swimming. The conoer's started getting thick (and drunk and full of kids) so we went back to the house. My mom's house faces the Elk River, and there are camp sites that rent out canoes so you can go down it. During some months, you can get an inner tube. So from about 10 am to 3 pm, there are people everywhere. Her property happens to have a nice little rock beach where people like to stop and swim. SO, we go back to the house and eat lunch and take naps until about 2:30. Lee and me and mom go back down to swim for about an hour. Luther is having a blast, getting in the water and swimming. Lilly, well, she has been hiding under the bed not sure what is going to happen to her. She comes out at night or while we are in the bedroom. Anyhow, we come back from swimming and I take a shower and lee and tony eat a little of mom's awsome lasagne, and decide to go fishing since the floaters have stopped. Mom decides we should shoot a bottle rocket off the deck to scare them. Here is where the fun begins. Last week, thier bottom pasture (basically what keeps the house from being ON the river) was mowed down for hay. That damn bottle rocket hits that hay and I see a little fire start up so I said "mom, fire." and she looks at it and yells "FIRE!" to Tony and Lee since they are right there on the beach. When they pull up, it is about the size of a dinner platter. So, in flip flops, nylon shorts, and tank tops, they start doing the mexican hat dance on top of this hot fire. Mom is scrambling to get water and Lee comes up in the golf cart to get the buckets of water. Tony starts yelling for the water hose, but it wasn't very long so he could barely even get water on the part of then now huge spreading fire coming towards the house (we have maybe 50 yards between the deck and this fire!) Mom is calling the volunteer fire dept and tony is yelling for more hose. Mom is telling me to find the green hose. I see this dinky looking hose hanging near by and I grab it. Mom takes off in the golf cart for the road since you cannot see this house from the road. The end of this 12 ft hose is cut off so me and lee are standing on the deck shoving this hose into the next one just so Tony can have water. It is going everywhere! Tony keeps yelling that there is a kink in the hose because he kept losing pressure!! (there we 2 brand new 20 ft hoses in the garage, we just didn't know it because we aere scared and mom was gone) So we hear the sirens and the chevy truck and the actual truck are now down by tony so we stopped with this whole water hose fiasco we have going on. Tony is standing there with sandals and nylon shorts on with a pee stream of water coming out and going about 2 feet to hit this fire. He tinks he got laughed at. The fireman drove around the fire with thier truck and had it out in about 15 to 30 seconds. Tony is yelling for boots and overhauls and a rake. See, the firemen had to get back to town because they had been lined up for a PARADE! They were about to start the parade for... JESSE JAMES day here in Pineville Missourri (i really don't know). that is how they got here so quick. The firemen didn't have to scramble from home!! So they leave and we find the GOOD hoses which gives Lee plenty of room to stand there and squirt the smoldering hay while tony rakes wet hay on top of the black burnt hay. 
Here are a few important facts about this story that make it even, shall we say, BETTER (just in case you missed something):
1. Once again, Lee and Tony were in nylon shorts and flip flops stomping on the fire. They are lucky THEY didn't catch fire, but lee did say some hair got singed.
2. The firemen were in a PARADE and had to run back because somebody at the parade had been hurt.
3. The cut off water hose we were shoving into the end of the next hose had it's end cut off becuase tony had used it to syphon GASOLINE out of the car a few weeks earlier. So he is down there fighting a raging fire with a hose that has traces of gasoline in it!

All is well now. Tony and Lee are fishing and Mom has to go join the volunteer fire dept monday to avoid getting a huge bill!! We are going down to the Jesse James festival about 8pm. Mom said the very first Jesse James film with Henry Fonda was filmed here and that is why they have this day. I am sure I will have lots to post about it tomorrow. Mom had been gathering brush for us to have a nice bonfire tonight, but we decided that wasn't a very good idea...

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Donald said...

I'm pretty sure there is a script or something that you can run that will save all your LiveJournal postings in another format (PDF maybe?), including comments.