Monday, June 30, 2008

Newest Addition!

After thinking about it for a little while, and finding the best bargain, we have added a new appliance to the house.
The Cuisinart Grind-N-Brew. Oh Lordy did this little machine work hard this weekend!
Thursday I picked it up at Bed-Bath-and Beyond with a 20% off coupon and a $15 gift card. That helped out a lot. My parents came into town on Friday so starting on Saturday morning, the coffee pot was working hard. 2 pots Saturday morning, 2 pots on Sunday morning with another Sunday afternoon!
Right now we are enjoying Starbuck's Espresso Brew. I picked up a Snikernut Cookie brew at HEB that is nice for Sunday afternoon, has a touch of cinnamon.
So now at 6:15am every morning the little grinder starts up and I awake to the smell of coffee.
How did this happen? Breann has never been a coffee person (not really).
In Chicago, waking up to coffee every morning was a calming and welcome thing. I got spoiled by it! And even now, Lee is having a cup in the morning too.
This was a conspiracy by Donald and Andrew for sure.

In other news, I got put on a really big project at work! I am doing work on the admin building at University of Houston! I spent 4 hours on Thursday picking finishes and then 2 hours + on Friday out at the office measuring and taking photos. I need to do a TON of work on it this week to try and present something on Wednesday morning if possible. I want my boss to be there since this is such a big project, but if she can't I can swing it alone, maybe take an intern with me.
But I am really honored that my boss gave me this project. To me it shows that they believe in me and think I am ready for it.

This weekend we are going to Palestine to spend the 4th with my grandparents. My grandmother just had surgery so she isn't allowed to do anything! I will fill in and cook and clean and make sure she is behaving!!

Mom and Tony's visit went very well and we had a blast! We saw Wanted on Saturday morning and I really really liked it. Now, i don't know if I will watch it again on DVD, because it is one of those that once you have seen it, you don't really need to see it again. But maybe. Anyway, I do recommend it.

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