Saturday, June 14, 2008

This old house....

The kitchen is done! All we need are windows and some paint touch ups.In other news, our A/C is having issues.. and in Houston you can't let that pass at all! So we called the guy who installed the outside unit and he remembered us. He said instantly "we were going to replace your inside unit (the garage unit with the coil and the furnace) and you never called" and I was like "well it is expensive!"
So he came over and tinkered with the outside unit and lo and behold.... it's the garage issue. We had the option to only fix the A/C issue now and the heater later but that old heater is scary! The whole deal is being replaced as we speak....
This house.... the money we spend on it.... it seems to never ever end! I can't think of much else we need after this. We have done the following in 2 years:
New paint throughout
New roof
New bathroom
Crown molding in the living room
New front door
Outside paint on trim and garage door
New A/C unit
New fence and patio
New Kitchen
New HVAC (for lack of a better term)

All that is left is:

Oh that's only like $20,000! Hell, that's nothing right??

We go to Chicago on Thursday for Lee's sister Laura's college graduation from Northwestern. Donald is going to watch the puppies for us for 3 nights. After that, we are in town the rest of the summer other than the 4th, we are going to Palestine for that.

It has been 3 hours since the A/C was turned off. It is starting to get a little warm in here!


Donald said...

What landscaping?

Breann said...

All along the fence in the back yard and under the bedroom window in the front yard. Bushes, flowers, etc.