Monday, August 25, 2008

Almost that time!!

So today I was working SO hard at work, getting so much done, and then BAM - Jennifer brings up Halloween and dogs. What do I do? Obsess. After thinking and searching, I found it. Teddy will be Peter Pan, Lola will be Tinkerbell!!! I orderd the costumes online and will post when it gets closer to time! I can't wait for the contest at the Doggie Day care and Tashi will be there too!

Also, Jennifer and I are going shopping for fall and Halloween decorations. I want to really do alot this year, with a big spider web and stuff on the porch, glowing scary ghosts, etc. I hope we have a party to go to this year, that would be so much fun. We have never been out to a Halloween party before. I want to be a playboy bunny and have lee wear satin pajamas and be HEF! How fun is that?

I really hope Teddy and Lola like the costumes. It will be hard to top last year Thing1 and Thing2 but I feel wierd about repeating?....

There used to be this show on tv about a lady running her Doggie Day Care and they had a costume contest and some people were suuuper creative. Maybe next year I can think up something insane and make it myself....
Back to work (UGH!).

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Two Party Planners said...

Oh sure blame it on me. Why don't you throw a Halloween party and I can help with food?