Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's raining, it's not really pouring...

Edourd ended up being a bit of a tease, as far as "hunker down! buy supplies!" goes, but we are getting nice rain that everyone needed. I am taking this opportunity to work from home and be a little lazy. I haven't missed a day of work since we got back from Chicago in June so I think working about 5 hours today and laying low in my pj's is a nice thing. Lee stayed home as well. The main concern is that if we do start getting really heavy rain, I can't traverse any kind of high-ish water in a Mini! I would go to work, but the idea that getting home would be hard makes me weary. And if every school and all the courts are closed, why go in?? :)
So far, only 3 other people are at work today. I already emailed in to my boss that I was going to be home today. I brought work home and I am sure alot of other people are out today (so my email should be light today.)
We are fine, we have food, water, and shelter. The dogs, on the other hand, are a bit mad that they are cooped up inside!

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