Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh man!

I didn't realize I have gone this long without and update! In fact, I thought I updated recently, but maybe I was mistaken?
Things around here are about the same. I still have migraines - the preventative isn't doing it for me at all. I have gone through the long, painful process of getting a copper IUD so that i can get off hormonal birth control, which may help the headaches (and the acne too?? wee!!).
I have a new kitchen tool that tried to kill me - a Mandoline! I cut a finger pretty bad but I ended up with decent first try au gratin potatoes. I need a better recipe than the one i had.
We are hooked on Mad Men.
I am DYING for fall tv to start! Things kick off Sept 1 with Gossip Girl. I am truly freakin excited for a new Sunday Night HBO show - True Blood. I have been reading the series by Charlaine Harris and I am really looking forward to seeing on tv. Then again, I may have an issue if they change things you know?
Today was a debacle of Lee, Ben, and Donald installing surround sound speakers in our home. We already had some, but they weren't very good. This entailed Donald and Ben crawling around in the attic and multiple wire hangers in the wall... hey they came in handy from the dry cleaner!
The dogs found something absolutely dreadful in the background to roll around in. Now they need baths and the collars need washing! I am glad I have extras!
I found a new website for pet collars - They have oodles of choices including sports teams and holidays!
Better wash those dogs before we go to bed. Peee-yew!

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The Riddle Family said...

Oooooooh, I lurve the tie dye one!!! I bookmarked that site! yay!